Production Design

 The Invaders web-series

The Invaders

The Invaders web-series is a fun fast paced wacky sci-fi comedy along the lines of Men In Black and Back to the Future.

Character Design


Creating storyboards for the show was really exciting. Here are just a few.

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I have also designed props for the main character, Angie, I helped design her ray gun and her space ship.  I worked very closely with the director and the prop developer all throughout the production phase.


Promotional art was very fun to do. Here you can see just how many times we changed the look of a poster. The inspiration behind this poster is of the recruitment poster of Uncle Sam, “I want YOU for the U.S Army”.

Character Posters were also made.

Angie and Beth Poster Angie and Beth Poster Live another Day Poster beth-2-poster

In October 2014, we went to Comic Con in New York! And I made the massive banner.

Setting up at Comic Con


Coming up with the right look for the shirts to give to our cast, crew and for promotional purposes.

The Invaders Tee ShirtThe Invaders Tee Shirt Samples



To watch The Invaders web series visit: Angie’s Logs

To learn more visit: Facebook page



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