I’ve haSuntzugames logo black on lightblue 300.larged the pleasure of working together with Angelita on my biggest board game project to date. It didn’t take long for me to see how dedicated and creative Angelita was when she was working. Furthermore she has an eye for details, on both the creative level and on the communication surrounding her tasks. Last but not least, Angelita is a friendly and open person – who’s always honest and trustworthy about her tasks, personal involvement and opinions. I hope to work with Angelita on many more projects!”–Emil Larsen, Owner of SunTzu Games

More client experiences and feedback from Emil Larsen: Working with an illustrator

“-Guardians art looks awesome.”–Christen L., a backer for SunTzu Games: Burning Suns on Kickstarter

“In May of 2013, Mark formed Minimally Invasive Productions and hired Florida based Illustrator Angelita Ramos to create a series to production art work to help him visualize The Invaders.  Over the next year she would generate hundreds of illustrations starting with characters, and progressing to storyboards and color key frames.  Her dedication and expertise earned her a Production Designer credit on the show.” –Minimally Invasive Productions

“Bravo! She’s passionate about her work, and it shows. Every project is delivered on time and as requested. Attention to every detail. She’s creative and flexible, and her artistry seems to have no bounds. I endorse her wholeheartedly because she’s deserving of it.” –Pedro Soto, Owner of Soto Publishing

Mr_Fleas_Book_Cover for me“Angelita is by far one of the top illustrators that I’ve worked with. Her level of work and attention to detail has exceeded my expectations and brought life to my stories! I don’t believe my story would have the same effect without her gifted illustrations. I look forward to seeing more of her work on future projects with those who are looking to take their ideas to a whole new level!” –Jesse Wilson, Author of Mr. Flea’s Not So Small Adventure


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